Benefits of Digital Transformation

Increase productivity and efficiency with innovation

In industries such as manufacturing, distribution and services, the digital revolution has come in the form of Industry 4.0, where connectivity and the availability of data allows businesses to produce higher quality goods at lower cost. It allows the virtual and physical worlds to integrate, bringing forth innovation and powerful new ways of working.

  • Big data analytics – Businesses can take advantage of the data they hold to make better and faster decisions, increase productivity and efficiency, identify new opportunities, and create happier customers.
  • The Internet of Things – IoT allows hardware devices, often through sensors, to connect, send and receive data. In manufacturing for example, networked devices on the factory floor can collect data to drive predictive analytics.
  • Automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence – Automation is already in use in multiple industries, for software applications or through robots on an assembly line. In time, advances in AI could allow robots to take over the manufacturing and distribution process themselves.
Business management supports digital transformation

ERP has been associated with monolithic systems that have come to symbolize slow IT and poor customer satisfaction. That is why the future is more than ERP – it’s about business management solutions. Businesses embarking on digital transformation initiatives must consider replacing ERP systems with business management solutions to develop a flexible and agile core which can underpin and support their strategy. Legacy ERP holds businesses back – for example, poor legacy ERP user experiences can interfere with productivity and efficiency, even if they have digital technology working successfully elsewhere. To create a robust and agile digital core, businesses must look at replacing their existing ERP systems with business management solutions that have system-of-record capabilities, which makes up the essential core of a digital business. A solid digital core is crucial to build differentiated and innovative solutions.