Rayburn Holdings sponsors Woman of Stature Technology trophy to elevate women in IT

Industry News

Rayburn Holdings sponsored this year’s Woman in Technology trophy at the annual Woman of Stature Awards in South Africa, as part of the company’s commitment to empowering women.

The Woman of Stature Awards South Africa, now in its 11th year, shines a spotlight on remarkable women who have triumphed within their respective industries. This year, over 200 nominations were submitted and 87 finalists announced. The gala awards dinner in Johannesburg celebrated outstanding women in several categories.

Representing Rayburn at the event on behalf of Neville Govender, Group CEO, were Rosette Cele, key accounts manager and customer success manager at Rayburn Group, and Marry-Jane Nqwane, a seasoned Sage 300 consultant at Rayburn.

Cele describes the awards as inspiring: “The event was the cream of the crop celebrating the cream of the crop. It celebrated real success, women who not only generate revenue, but who are also catalysts and forces to be reckoned with in their sectors and their communities.”

She presented the Rayburn-sponsored Woman in Technology trophy to Fikile Mdiniso, a data engineer at MTN South Africa, as well as a commercial model and philanthropist.

Rayburn supported the awards for the first time this year, but plans to continue sponsoring the event in line with its commitment to empowering women. Cele says the awards align with Rayburn’s philosophies: “In our business, gender equality is important and we also recognise the multiple roles women play in society, at home and at work.”

Cele notes that the company has a gender imbalance – unusually, in favour of women. “I don’t think it was planned, but we have a three-to-one ratio of women to men, and women outnumber men overall,” she says.

She believes this is due to the company’s supportive environment, flexible hours and focus on upskilling and empowerment. “The company enables working moms to meet their family obligations and catch up on work in the evening; it has helped staff continue working through incapacitating illnesses where other companies might have laid them off. They show interest in our personal priorities and home lives and help us balance these with work. We are very socially driven, and this instils great loyalty among employees,” Cele says.