About Rayburn

Rayburn is a multi-vendor Information Technology (IT) company, specialising in Business Management solution implementation and digital transformation across various industries. Rayburn is recognised for its professional business and system advisory services in Africa and the Middle East.

Our consulting team consists of several highly skilled individuals who are dedicated to the implementation of Enterprise Project Management (EPM) and can be classed to be amongst the best in the field. The team hosts skills relating to Performance Management, Business Analysis, Process Analysis, EPM methodology, Business Modelling, Data Integration and Automation. They have an excellent technical understanding of the various ICT solutions.

Our implementation, training, and consulting skills are unmatched and will ensure the maximum return on any software investment. We provide solutions with a distinctive level of professionalism and service. We offer a portfolio of various Business Intelligence products and solutions, providing critical intelligence to decision makers and influencers within several industries.

Rayburn leverages methodologies, applications, and best practices to provide a complete range of industry-leading advisory and consulting services. We adopt a strong integrated business methodology approach and accompany this with leading technical expertise to accurately enable technology to support the business design. We focus on improving corporate performance by managing and optimising business processes to drive efficiency and effectiveness. Our objective is to ensure that we provide our clients with value-added products and services to improve agility and flexibility.

Our Business Process Management involves a combination of modelling, automation, execution, control, measurement, and optimization of business activity flows, in support of enterprise goals, spanning systems, employees, customers, and partners within and beyond the enterprise boundaries. We employ a disciplined approach to identify, design, execute, document, measure, monitor, and control both automated and non-automated business processes to achieve consistent, targeted results aligned with organisation’s strategic goals.

Clients We’ve Served

Our Industries

Our industry expertise allows us to share the latest research & our thinking on emerging industry trends, as well as finding solutions to
accounting or technical issues unique to a particular industry sector.

Our Leadership

Our consulting team consists of a number of highly skilled individuals who are dedicated to the implementation of EPM and can be classed to be amongst the bests in the field. The team hosts skills relating to Performance Management, Business Analysis, Process Analysis, EPM methodology, Business Modeling, Data Integration and Automation.

Our team has excellent technical understanding of the various ICT solutions. We have been helping customers, across industries from financial services to healthcare, achieve greater agility through transformed and automated customer experiences.

Our implementation, training, and consulting skills are unmatched and will ensure the maximum return on any software investment. Extensive industry experience in handling mission critical systems and applications. 24X7 experts availability to take care of critical applications and databases

  • Experienced Team
  • Proven Delivery Approach
  • Specialised industry experience with unique skill sets
  • Strategic alliances and partnerships with industry leaders
  • Track record of delivering and supporting successful complex systems
  • Focused approach in understanding customer needs
  • Feet on the ground approach
  • Agile and Flexible
  • We provide solutions with a distinctive level of professionalism and service

Our Support Services

The following services are provided under and cover under the Annual Support Agreement:

  • Support of application error messages within the software systems.
  • Support of transaction errors within the software systems.
  • Modification of existing reports.
  • Installation of software patches and bug fixes.
  • Support for interface/integration software errors; and
  • Manage and process renewal of annual software licenses.
  • Additional training requirements.
  • Development of new reports.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance and to build a great firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

We believe we will be successful if our clients are successful.

Solving the hardest problems requires the best people. We think that the best people will be drawn to the opportunity to work on the hardest problems. We build our firm around that belief. These two parts of our mission reinforce each other and make our firm strong and enduring.

Business Partnerships

We Are Always on The Lookout For Partners Who Can Help Our Customers Win.

Rayburn Business Partnerships Group focuses on building an ecosystem of partners across industry domains and technologies to help our clients win in the marketplace. Our industry knowledge and leadership in technology, combined with our partners’ innovations, enables us to offer innovative solutions to solve clients’ business challenges. Rayburn’s business partner portfolio includes the world’s leading business and technology companies.

Gaining Your Trust with Everything We Do

  • Quality Assurance

    Our Quality Improvement Program is based on business needs, technology changes, customer feedback, suggestions from practitioners and process performance. We have undertaken various initiatives such as implementing an organization wide defect prevention program, metrics program, process automation and introduction of new tools. Rayburn has also institutionalized processes that enable transition to new technologies and encourage continuous process improvement.

  • Benefits

    Rayburn has enhanced its delivery capabilities by introducing and improving upon industry best practices. We ensure high levels of customer satisfaction by combining our domain and technical expertise with our delivery capabilities. Rayburn provides value additions for improving the performance of outsourced systems, reducing problems and failures and improving stability. We implement processes rigorously and our people are trained to be methodical and process-driven. With our focus on quality, we lower costs and improve efficiency within the organization.

  • Information Security

    Information security management for IT and IT-related services is an important area of concern for organizations. Rayburn has established stringent information security measures to ensure confidentiality of information, business continuity, and to avoid business damage by preventing and minimizing the impact of security incidents. We are subject to the globally recognized information security standard.

  • We Listen

    We listen, we discuss, we advise. Sounds obvious but we listen to your ideas, plans and objectives for your business. We then select the best solution to fit. We don’t shoehorn projects and if we feel we’re not a good fit we’ll be honest and tell you from the outset.

  • Process Consulting

    Rayburn provides process consulting services to clients for process definition, process implementation, audit, and process training.

Our Approach

Process is in our DNA. From Day 1, that’s what we’ve done.

1. Iterate Design

We always start with people. Business is driven by human behavior. And we take a human-centered design approach to drive business results. Through observation, learning, and immersive research we are able to roadmap solutions that work for our clients and their customers.

  • Design Research
  • Design Strategy
  • Digital Design
  • Creative Services
2. Validate Develop

We untangle complexity and connect dots. This is where we bring the design vision to life—uncovering and alleviating stumbling blocks that could interfere with successful implementation. Our 360-degree focus on customers and tech-agnostic approach allow us to develop flexible solutions that scale with business needs.

  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Technology Strategy
3. Optimize Deliver

We deliver anywhere in the world or in the cloud. Our global operation model and thousands of employees in 19 countries allow us to implement best practices and meet clients’ needs practically everywhere. From implementation to analysis, we go beyond solution launch to seek out continuous improvement for our clients—and ourselves.

  • Solution Implementation
  • Customer Behavior Analytics
  • Process Engineering & Improvement

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